Evidence based and proven strategies for becoming a highly effective Scrum Master within any organization.

The Blueprint For Becoming An Exceptional Scrum Master.

These books are designed to give you the EXACT Blueprint for being an effective Scrum Master.

Why Should buy These Books?

There are undoubtedly numerous existing Agile and Scrum related books covering the basic practicality, but none providing enough direction and insight for succeeding in the role. These books are designed to help close the gap for new and transitioning scrum masters embarking on this journey. If you are someone who wants to:
  • Smoothly transition as a scrum master.
  • Know how to optimize value while implementing incremental improvements.
  • ​Develop executive presence to empower yourself and others without any hierarchy authority.
  • Know how to create and lead High Performing Teams (HPT)
  • Maximize your full potential while increasing productivity towards the product goal
  • ​Know how to focus on the things that matter most

A Day In The Life Of A Scrum Master

  • VALUE 1: Adopting a Coaching Approach to Handle Difficult Team Members

  • VALUE 2: Efficiently Facilitating Meetings within Time Constraints

  • VALUE 3: Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities during Scrum Events and How to Boost Productivity

  • VALUE 4: Innovative Techniques for Streamlining and Focusing Your Team

  • VALUE 5: Essential Advice for Leading Teams with Shy Members

  • VALUE 6: Strategies for Managing Carried-Over Stories from Sprint to Sprint

Scrum Master Guide For PI Planning

  • VALUE 1: What PI Planning is and who attends it 
  • VALUE 2: What a Scrum Master role is in PI Planning and how to effectively support the Team
  • VALUE 3: Who does what during Pre-Planning, During and Mid Quarter
  • VALUE 4: What to expect from PI planning breakout sessions
  • ​VALUE 5: What happens before, during and after PI Planning and how the Scrum Master contribute to the team and organization
  • ​​VALUE 6: Identified common mistakes made and how to avoid them during PI Planning

Leading A New Scrum Team

  • VALUE 1: The Step by step approach to properly forming a Scrum Team from scratch
  • VALUE 2: How to quickly Establish Executive presence on the team
  • VALUE 3: Identified workshops and activities Scrum Masters and Product Owners Must to do with new teams
  • VALUE 4: How to navigate anticipated challenges while forming a new team 

90 Days Scrum master Guide 

  • VALUE 1: How to nail your first 90 days at your job.
  • VALUE 2: Roadmap with identified steps to obtain 'small wins' on the job.
  • VALUE 3: Strategic guide to achieve your desirable outcome.
  • VALUE 4: Tips and Tricks to Overcome Imposter Syndrome on the job.
  • VALUE 5: The art of sustaining a work-life-balance lifestyle.
  • ​VALUE 6: How to constantly boost self-confidence while improving performance.

The Ultimate Scrum Master Guide For Beginners

  • Value 1: The Art of implementing time in Agile.
  • Value 2: A rare collection of frequently used tools.
  • Value 3: Step by step roadmap to becoming a Scrum Master
  • ​Value 4: How to gain the Ultimate Power of Visualization.

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Anna Mbengam

Anna Mbengam was born and raised in Cameroon. She spent most of those years in Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating High School, she simultaneously signed up for the Army Reserve as well as enrolling in her first year of college. She was recruited to run track and field at American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts where she studied Political Science and Criminal Justice. Upon her return from Basic Training, she was introduced to the game of rugby, and it became her new-found love. She immediately turned her attention to playing rugby and maintaining a balanced student-athlete life. It was during this time that she fully came to understand the importance of focus, commitment and courage.

Anna realized the complexities and benefits of collaboration when dealing with complicated circumstances on the field.

The rugby scrum is a microcosm for the development of a cohesive team, with all players bringing their particular abilities and working together to achieve a common objective against strong competition. Anna recognized that the same method could be used in any team activity, whether in sports, business, or the workplace.

She was introduced to the Scrum Master role after she graduated college while pondering what she wanted to do. Despite the fact that she recalled chuckling at the Scrum Master name, she was curious to learn more.

She did her own research and joined the Agile community of practice where she networked and got her first Scrum Master position. She was both delighted and anxious to begin on the journey, due to her timid nature.

These strategic guides for getting up to speed seamlessly was inspired by her process of coaching new and transitioning Scrum Masters in the industry. She has always wanted to share with others the information she wished she had received while breaking into the field.

She believed in the power of sharing. Her desire to help others stems from the idea that ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ This resonated with her because she was raised by a community, and part of giving back is to support others in their journey.

"This is going to be very helpful when I actually get a SCRUM job. It’s been designed for those who have a job and are starting it, very “hands on” It is also good to prepare for interviews because it gives a clear inside on the Scrum Master role. I will suggest your ebook to my younger Scrum Master colleagues both looking to get in the field and the ones already in the field."


"So far this ebook has given a clear direction of my goals as a SM and for my team/organization. I am excited to be on this journey and having amazing help from you!!!"


"Anna, this ebook you sent me is literally what I needed. Best money spent EVER!!! It really helped to initiate my first conversation with my PO even though I couldn't ask everything on the template guide due to time but it's working and really helpful to me!!!"


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